Course 410: Intro to Nonprofit Organizations and Nonprofit Bookkeeping Procedures

Occupational Objective:

This class is available in person.

The graduate should be able to understand non-profit organizations and implement accounting procedures such as budgeting, grant reporting, income and expense recognition and allocations across programs and classes.

Educational Topics:

Types of nonprofits, accounting cycle, GAAP, financial reports, segregation of duties, org chart, board of directors, donor/grantor/volunteer definitions, class tracking, audit vs review, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations, month-end procedures, managerial reporting, when to recognize revenue, definitions of donor imposed restrictions and board imposed restrictions, recognizing pledges and promises to give, unrestricted and restricted donations, tracking grants, budgeting, salary allocations, managing cash flow, accounting procedures and more.

Course Pre-Requisites:

Prospective students for Course 410, Intro to Non-Profit Organizations and Non-Profit Bookkeeping Procedures, should have accounting understanding, be a current bookkeeper, an executive director, other key non-profit staff member or non-profit board member. All students must be proficient in typing, 10-key, and Microsoft Excel.

Available Classes:

Program / Course Costs:


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