About the School

Keep Smart Books Academy, located in Fort Collins, Colorado, is the premier choice to obtain a certificate in bookkeeping and payroll training in the Rocky Mountain Region.  We are a mission-based school with the mission of helping help both individuals and businesses by offering in-depth bookkeeping and payroll training based on real-life business experience. Our teaching approach will be unique and off the beaten path as well as taught by individuals who have first-hand knowledge of real-life bookkeeping and payroll work. Individuals can learn these critical skills to enter a career in bookkeeping, accounting, or payroll. Others can be taught to level-up their career knowledge to gain more understanding in bookkeeping, accounting, or payroll.

Your Keep Smart Books Academy experience will include:

  • Instructors who have real-life experience and know what and how to train
  • A hands-on approach to learning via a live QuickBooks Online file
  • Methods of instruction that include all learning types (kinesthetic, visual and auditory)
  • Keep Smart Books Academy (hereinafter referred to as the School) offers the finest technology and equipment for student training and is staffed with qualified, approved instructors

Keep Smart Books Academy, LLC is owned and operated by Rebecca Ezzell.

Faculty Members

B. Ezzell
Director, Director of Education / Instructor
27 Years Experience
S. Orner
12 Years Experience
H. Creed
10 Years Experience
T. Mateer
30 Years Experience